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Protect the dynamic ways your organization provides care

Secure your organization as it pursues healthy outcomes

Gain a smooth-operating future for your business with converged, scalable security. You’ll get unprecedented control and visibility, and you’ll know your patients and data are safe, no matter what happens next.

Securing Hyperconnected World

  • Ground Level Security Implementation
  • Stay ahead of further disruption
  • Digital Solutions for Privacy Risks
  • Securing Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Understanding Largescale Cybersecurity Landscape

Protecting Your Organization's Data

  • Implement a Data Security Plan and Encrypt Data
  • Use Access Controls and Firewalls
  • Use External Service Providers Carefully
  • Educate your employees on Business Cybersecurity
  • Create a SecurityPolicy
  • Keep Software Up-to-Date & Many More

Cybersecurity in a Hyper Connected World

As critical infrastructure providers move increasingly to IIoT and Industry 4.0, one of their biggest challenges is establishing a secure, reliable communications infrastructure between OT, IT and the cloud.

Forcepoint’s range of Next-Gen Firewalls, Data Diodes, High Speed Verifiers and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solutions have been designed to defend this increased attack surface, combatting attacks and helping ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data and assets.

Read the Forcepoint Critical Infrastructure brochure

Cybersecurity in a Hyper Connected World

Reliably secure data transfers from OT to IT.

Automatically import software updates into OT with complete peace of mind.

Ensure IT files entering the OT network are always malware-free.

Enable secure monitoring of OT networks from the cloud.

Ring-fence the enterprise with a zero-trust security posture.

Deep Expertise in High-Consequence Operations

More than 20 years enabling the secure connection between physically separated and sensitive networks in the most challenging environments.

Leaders in enabling secure data sharing between entities (e.g. threat intelligence between public and private sector.)

100% focused on our customers’ security around the globe.

Trusted & proven to protect the world’s most sensitive data and networks.

Watch the Planning for Industry 4.0 webcast

How Phished Builds Your Human Firewall

Fully Automated Phishing Simulations

Our AI-driven phishing simulations are based on individual recipients’ profiles and knowledge. 100% native content. No manual labour required.

Cybersecurity Training Employees Love

The Phished Academy reinforces phishing awareness training, offering a broad variety of multi-lingual microlearnings.

Fully Automated Phishing Simulations

Phished offers in-depth reporting based on real-time performance. The Phished Report Button activates users and helps you stop threats before they cause damage.

#1 Automated Security Awareness Training Platform

Our double award-winning platform combines automated phishing simulations with interactive cybersecurity education and powerful threat intelligence. Minimise phishing risks by up to 96% without any manual intervention.

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Cybersecurity Training Your Employees Will Love

Time-efficient training in the Phished Academy brings cybersecurity to life for your co-workers: from ransomware to healthy IT habits using over hundreds of pieces of content.

Adaptive Learning Paths

Automatically enlist new employees on pre-defined Learning Paths or create your own using the intuitive workflow builder.

Dynamic Training

Educate employees based on the mistakes they make. Showing them, rather than telling them makes for a strong learning moment.

Extensive Content Database

Microlearning with a broad impact: different types of content ensure an expansive knowledge of cybersecurity, tailored to individuals’ growth paths.

Custom Branding & Content

Add your own branding and content to make the Phished Academy a seamless experience for your employees, focusing on information and threats that relate to your business.

Proven Return On Investment

From the very first phishing simulation, Phished actively improves your organization’s Security Awareness. Don’t just take our word for it, we back it up with data.

Up to half of your employees will get phished during a first baseline test.

 Click rate drops dramatically to under 5% on average in 12 months’ time. After just 6 months, this will already have dropped to 16% on average

Reporting rates double within the first six months, both for phishing simulations and real phishing threats.