Here are some of the ways Adiroha serves the Airlines industry

As a Cyber security entity, Adiroha understands the importance of safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction in the aviation industry. With the increasing use of technology and digitalization in the industry, it is imperative to have a robust security framework to safeguard against cyber threats. Adiroha offers a range of services to the airline industry to ensure their IT infrastructure and digital assets are secure.

In order to safeguard customer data, research, processes, companies must put in place strategies to mitigate cyber threats.

At Adiroha, we understand the critical role airlines play in connecting people and communities across the globe. We are committed to providing innovative and effective cybersecurity solutions to help the airline industry operate safely and efficiently in the digital age.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Compliance and regulatory support

Adiroha helps airlines meet regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Managed Firewall

Cybersecurity training and awareness

Adiroha offers customized cybersecurity training programs to ensure employees of airlines understand their role in maintaining the security of their digital assets.

Vulnerability Management Service

Incident response

Adiroha offers rapid incident response services to help airlines contain and mitigate the impact of security incidents and prevent future occurrences.


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Adiroha is committed to performance with focus and strengthening security resilience by reducing the incidence of attacks, risks, and threats, in order to establish and accelerate the growth of the clients.

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