Here are some ways Adiroha serves the automobile industry

At Adiroha, we understand that the automobile industry has evolved over the years with advanced technology incorporated into cars. The industry faces many challenges from technological advancements to compliance with safety and environmental regulations. We provide services to automobile companies to ensure their products meet safety standards and regulations.

In order to safeguard data, research, & processes, companies must put in place strategies to mitigate cyber threats.

At Adiroha, we provide automobile companies with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure their products are secure and compliant with safety and environmental regulations. We understand the importance of trust in the automobile industry and are committed to providing reliable and effective security services.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Code Review

We conduct a comprehensive code review of the software system to identify flaws and vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malicious actors.

Managed Firewall

Security Architecture Review

Our experts conduct a security architecture review to ensure that the system is designed with security in mind, minimizing the risk of attacks and breaches.

Vulnerability Management Service

Compliance Testing

We help automobile companies ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations such as ISO 26262.


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Adiroha is committed to performance with focus and strengthening security resilience by reducing the incidence of attacks, risks, and threats, in order to establish and accelerate the growth of the clients.

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