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As an entity committed to providing top-notch cybersecurity services, Adiroha recognizes the vital role of the education industry in shaping the future of society. We understand that educational institutions handle sensitive data such as personal information, financial records, and confidential research data, which make them potential targets for cyber attacks. Therefore, we provide tailored cybersecurity solutions to educational institutions to help them mitigate cyber threats and safeguard their digital assets.

In order to safeguard student data, research, & processes, Educational Institutions must put in place strategies to mitigate cyber threats.

At Adiroha, we understand the importance of a strong cybersecurity posture for educational institutions. With our tailored solutions, we help ensure that educational institutions can focus on their core mission of providing quality education without worrying about cyber threats.

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In the UK Alone, Over 80% of Higher
Education Institutions

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Conducting employee training

We provide cybersecurity training to faculty, staff, and students to promote a security-aware culture and equip them with the skills to recognize and report potential threats..

Managed Firewall

Implementing advanced cybersecurity technologies

Adiroha uses cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies to protect educational institutions' networks, systems, and applications from cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management Service

Developing cybersecurity policies

We help educational institutions develop robust cybersecurity policies that meet industry best practices and regulatory compliance requirements.


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Adiroha is committed to performance with focus and strengthening security resilience by reducing the incidence of attacks, risks, and threats, in order to establish and accelerate the growth of the clients.

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